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PAX East 2016 Recap | An EPIC Boston Adventure!

This past weekend, we took a trip up to Boston to cover the largest video game convention on the east coast - PAX East!  When opportunity strikes you take it and what an AWESOME experience it was.  From new games to new friends, PAX was everything I expected it to be and more...including the endless hours of walking everyday!

PAX East Walking Record

PAX East Walking Record

But what I love most about conventions like PAX is that they bring people together through a similar interest. I love playing video games and so do millions of other people.  Conventions like this are a great way to connect with others.  So without wasting time, here is my experience at the latest gaming con!  Enjoy a collection of photos and video from PAX East 2016.

                        Raymond Strazdas Portfolio fully optimized for mobile devices (Including Wii U Gamepad)

                        Raymond Strazdas Portfolio fully optimized for mobile devices (Including Wii U Gamepad)

New Style, New Look...New Raymond.

February 13th 2014 - Having a portfolio site has been one of personal goals for quite sometime.  Although I already have and continuously update stingrayfilms.com, it doesn't do a great job showcasing what I (Raymond Strazdas) am all about as a person.  Sure you get to have a blog, share videos and all that fun stuff but the truth is...that's all done in character.  When your a brand, you have to stick to your brand.  That's what "Sting Ray" and "Sting Ray Films" are been all about, and they provide me with a solid foundation for my next major project.

One of my News Years Resolutions has been to rebrand my work.  Tie everything together into one starting with this website.  For those that regularly follow along, expect major changes to come.

Although this website (raymondstrazdas.com) has been live for quite sometime, it wasn't quite ready for primetime.  Until now.  I officially would like to say that the site is no longer in beta!  This blog will exclusively be dedicated to me as a person...no characters, no drama, none of that.  Kind of like a behind-the-scenes, but not really.  Just some the content coming your way includes exclusive reviews of the latest technology, new videos and much more.  In the meantime, please feel free to browse around and let me know what you think of the rebranding process.


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