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The Google Pixel 2 XL Camera is INSANE!!!

Selfie on Google Pixel 2 XL

Hey guys! It’s Ray back here and welcome to another blog post! Last month during my trip to California, I actually had an awesome opportunity thanks to Verizon to try out the Google Pixel 2 XL as one of my main cameras and overall as just a daily driver! You guys know, there’s no hiding it, I am a hardcore Apple fan. I've never really gone outside of that ecosystem - I’ve been sheltered in iPhone country for a long, long time so this was an interesting change of pace for me and a real treat! If there’s one thing that can change my mind about something, it’s an amazing camera and one thing is for certain - the Pixel 2 EASILY has the best camera on a phone!

So I figured there’s already been a ton of reviews done already on the Pixel 2 XL and everyone knows it’s an awesome phone so I thought rather then focusing on that, we could focus on using this thing as a camera by itself because man is it impressive!!

Portrait on Google Pixel 2 XL

After trying it, this seriously has me tempted to pick one of these up for use as a point and shoot travel camera - not only is the quality outstanding but you also have all of the functions of a phone to shoot, edit and share create content on the go! Even if you just got it to only use on Wi-Fi - you just can't beat the size and convenience of it - I was most definitely that guy carrying around two phones for most of my trip! I'm like nothing to see here, just a boy and his cameras trying to make cool stuff.

Video quality on the other hand is also pretty solid on the Pixel, obviously there's only so much you can squeeze out of a small phone camera sensor but it is really good for what it is. Where the camera really shines though on this phone is in it's photos. I don't know if it's the screen that makes them look incredibly sharp or if it's the camera itself but goodness guys this phone produces some incredibly crisp and vibrant photos - especially in portrait mode. I mean, the images really speak for themselves here - it's hard to believe these were actually taken on a phone!

Overall, as much as I love iPhones and always will, I will admit Android is right up there with them nowadays, the Pixel 2 XL is a fantastic phone and I can only imagine how insane the Pixel 3 is going to be whenever it gets revealed. Until then, the Pixel 2 XL is a fantastic option and I really have to thank Verizon for introducing me to it. You can find some pretty great deals on it now and when the 3 comes out, probably even better ones!

World's SMALLEST Portable Gaming Projector | Anker Nebula Capsule Review

Anker's Nebula Capsule is a fantastic pocket projector with a ton of tech packed inside. This soda can-sized capsule is the world's smallest, portable projector and it is GREAT for gaming! It runs Android, has a built-in battery, blasts 360 sound and can cast a 100 inch image! Let's get this Nebula Capsule review going!

Anker Nebula Capsule 3.jpg
Anker Nebula Capsule 2.jpg

Hey guys! It’s Ray back here and welcome to another blog post! Today, I am finally going to be sharing with you guys my review for the Nebula Capsule by Anker…which just so happens to be the world’s smallest projector! It’s literally no bigger then the size of a soda can! How crazy is that!? Now in case you forgot my unboxing video that I did for this little guy a few weeks ago, where I also showed it in action, the Nebula is an absolutely perfect way to view content on the big screen anytime, anywhere. Not only in the case of video games but also movies, TV shows, etc and the best thing is…it has all of those things built right in to it. The Capsule runs on Android 7.1 so with this little guy, you have access to the Google Play store, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon and pretty much whatever you could possibly need right out of the box…and it only gets better!

Anker Nebula Capsule 1.jpg

As small as the Capsule is, you would think there would have to be some kind of corners cut to make it work but surprisingly, that is no where near the case here. It is absolutely incredible how much tech Anker packed into this like thing…and that includes the one thing that makes the Capsule special and it’s my personal favorite feature. It has a built-in battery! That’s right, not only is this one of the smallest projectors out there but it’s greatest feature is it’s portability. In my tests of using it, I was able to get around three and half hours out it, which again for it’s size, it’s pretty great!

Anker Nebula Capsule 5.jpg

As if I didn’t talk about a lot of stuff already in here, beneath the lens, there is also built-in 360 degree sound and it actually sounds very, very good, with deep bass and good clarity overall. Obviously, it’s no 5.1 surround system or anything like that but for what it is, it’s really great. Not to mention, the Capsule doubles as a bluetooth speaker so you can just flip it into speaker mode and play your tunes away! This little guy is essentially a two in one!

So I know you guys what to know the answer to this burning question. Is this things good for gaming on the Switch? And I can easily answer that question. Yes, it is great! If you want an easy way to game on the big screen, without hassle…this really is a great option! For a projector with a resolution of only 854x480, the picture is incredibly sharp so games actually look very good! Obviously it’s not the best res out there for a projector but this is one of those things you have to see in person to believe how good it is. For the size of this thing, the picture looks incredible! If you haven’t noticed by now, there’s an HDMI port on the back so you hook up basically anything you want to it! How cool is that?

Anker Nebula Capsule 7.jpg

Surprisingly, there really isn’t anything bad to say about the Capsule. Anker did a phenomenal job with this projector and the attention to detail is very impressive. The build quality is fantastic, the image is very sharp and the sound this thing pumps out is really great for it’s size. However, I do have two very minor complaints about it. The first being the included remote. The remote uses IR and there’s a receiver on the back of the Capsule, which means you’re going to have to point at the Capsule every time you want to do something. Kind of a bummer. Luckily though! You can fully control the Capsule with your phone via a dedicated app called Capsule Control. This is by FAR so much better then the included remote. It’s very responsive to input, you don’t need to point it at the Capsule AND it even has a built-in keyboard meaning you don’t have type in stuff via a remote…making this app true lifesaver! Trust me, it’ll breath new life into navigating the menus!

Anker Nebula Capsule 6.jpg

My final minor complaint is that with 100 lumens of brightness, you do need a pretty dark area to cast that full 100 inch picture. For comparison, my BenQ gaming projector that I have set up in my home theatre has 3,000 lumens of brightness…meaning the room doesn’t have to be as dark to see the image. It’s not bad by any means but it’s worth nothing that if you’re hoping for a portable home theatre experience with the Capsule…don’t get your hopes up. However, this is absolutely fantastic for a bedroom setting where you can easily replace a small TV with this instead.

Overall though, this is a fantastic portable projector that is absolutely perfect whether your gaming on the go or going to hang out at friends house to binge Netflix. I highly recommend it!

Bayonetta 1 and 2 Review (Nintendo Switch)

Hey guys! It’s Ray back here and welcome to another blog post! Thanks to Nintendo, today I have an awesome opportunity to share with you guys both Bayonetta 1 and 2 for the Switch! How exciting is this!? 

Bayonetta Nintendo Switch 7.jpg
Bayonetta Nintendo Switch 6.jpg

Now if you’ve never played any of the Bayonetta games before. Boy are you in for a treat. These games are action-packed from start to finish…I’m not even joking from the second you launch the games you’ll see what I am talking about. One of the best things about the Switch version of the games is that if you’re trying to decide between getting Bayonetta 1 or Bayonetta 2, both games come together for $60 so effectively you’re getting Bayonetta 1 for $10 since 2 is $50 or each for $30 - no matter how you look at it, it’s a solid deal. Especially when you consider you’re basically getting double the Bayonetta sassiness - can’t go wrong with that!

Bayonetta Nintendo Switch 4.jpg

If you’re only are going to only play one of the two though, hands down Bayonetta 2 is a much better experience of the two. The first does have it’s tech issues with camera movement and stuff like that but with the second all of those issues have been ironed out. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous, the gameplay is much smoother and it also has a much easier learning curve. I’m not taking anything away from the first, I’m just stating the obvious that the second is easily better then the first so we’ll talk about that one for a bit.

Bayonetta Nintendo Switch 8.jpg

So obviously in these games you take control of the main character, Bayonetta, who is a strong and empowered shape shifting witch. In the cut scenes she is hella sassy and on the battlefield she is a force to be reckoned with. If you’ve ever played Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden games, the combat style in both Bayonetta games are very similar. The battles are fast and furious with combos flying everywhere and added mechanics like Witch Time and Torture Attacks make for some really intense and fluid action. The combat system is truly amazing.

Bayonetta Nintendo Switch 1.jpg

However, the action doesn’t just stop at the battles. It very translates over to the moments in between when you’re adventuring through the story mode. It’s not uncommon to have a city start crumbling leading up to a battle or a gigantic wave form to try to sweep you away. To speed things up and avoid these obstacles quickest, you can also transform into a panther to get around faster…Black Panther anyone? There’s no denying the fact that Bayonetta is a weird series full of ridiculous creatures and moments that will surely make you go what the f****. 

Bayonetta Nintendo Switch 2.jpg

One second you’re fighting half man, half horse Accolades, the next the mighty Gomorrah, the next the gigantic Glamor. The battles are not easy either. I can confidently say that I died a few times at the ends of the Gomorrah and Glamor the first time I faced them. There is never a dull moment in this game because once you think you’ve just got done with a battle, another one is only a few steps away. 

That's what I love the most about Bayonetta games. They are literally cinematic masterpieces that feel like playable movies. They are more than just games, they are experiences.

Bayonetta Nintendo Switch 5.jpg

Overall, if you’ve ever played the original Bayonetta’s obviously, you’re going to love them here on the Switch. In fact, these games feel right at home on the Switch. Having the ability to play anytime, anywhere is really great and whether you play handheld or docked…the games simply look stunning. If you’ve never played any of the previous Bayonetta games, the Switch versions are the perfect place to start. I may even go as far to say that these are must-have titles for the Switch.

Bayonetta 1 and 2 for Nintendo Switch: 9.5 out of 10

Thank you, Nintendo for making this all possible and introducing me to these incredible games!