The new stingrayfilms.com is here.

Since it's inception in December of 2011, stingrayfilms.com has been the premiere spot for viewers of Raymond Strazdas' online content.  From blogging to new YouTube videos to live shows, Sting Ray Films has established itself as a central hub for non-stop entertainment.  Now, it gets even better.

Utilizing some of the most advanced techniques in web design, stingrayfilms.com has been redesigned from the ground up introducing brand new features in a very sleek, modern layout.  The biggest change however, is that the site is now completely optimized for your mobile device.  Whether your viewing on a smart phone or a tablet, stingrayfilms.com will automatically detect and format for your screen offering you an enjoyable browsing experience.  Below are some of the goals I wanted to accomplish when jumping from the original design.

  1. Provide a simple and sleek interface
  2. Optimize site for mobile browsing (Phone/Tablet)
  3. Tie overall design with current brand style
  4. Cut amount of navigation tabs and non-relevant content
  5. Clean UI for sharing as a portfolio

Along with creating videos, I have also been rebranding all of my content.  From websites to social media pages, I would like to officially announce my new style is live and ready to go.  Having learned many new things over the years in marketing, web design and content production, the time for change has come.  I would especially love to hear from you what you think of my latest work.  Please feel free to reach out to me anytime.