nintendo x vans

The Vans x Nintendo Collection is HERE!

It's official!  The Vans x Nintendo line of shirts, hoodies, socks and sneakers are here.  Announced only a few short months ago, this Nintendo and Vans collaboration focuses on combining Nintendo's classic retro gaming series with Vans high-quality line of clothing. At first I wasn't sure what to think but after seeing these in person, it was clear that they knocked it out of the park with this line - these are almost a little to gorgeous to wear. It's almost as if they should be displayed on your wall instead of on your feet.

Nintendo and Vans Era Mario and Friends Skate Shoe

With over 20 different items featuring designs from the Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda, Yoshi and Donkey Kong series, there really are a lot of options to choose from. Classic Vans comfort and quality combined with infectious, colorful Nintendo designs...what's not to love? Oh I forgot to mention that the box the shoes come in is literally a classic NES system. These are a true collector's item in every sense of the word. Get them while you can, these things are HOT!

Ray showcases the new Vans x Nintendo Sneaker Collection