BEST Nintendo Switch Travel Bag? | CommuterPak by Funk St. EDC Review

You can wear it as a sling bag, wear it as a satchel or wear it around the waist…it’s the handy, dandy CommuterPak from Funk St. Outfitters! It weighs less than one pound and is the perfect companion for the Nintendo Switch!


Now I know you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Ray, why are you sharing a bag with us!?”. Well guys, this bag is a little different then others that are out there on the market.


The CommuterPak here is a fantastic multipurpose tech bag, that is not only perfect for carrying around the Switch but also other gadgets like iPads and tablets. Believe it or not, you can fit a whole lot of stuff in this little bag. Like since my camera (Sony a6500) is pretty thin, I can easily fit that along with my Switch and controller grip in the bag with no issue. There's a lot of different scenarios where you can take advantage of this bag whether it's for tech stuff or hiking or traveling. It's really a great all rounder!

What I really like about this bag the most though is how minimalistic it is. Rather then paying for a name brand label, the crew at Funk St. decided to put all of their time and effort into making this a premium product at a low price point compared to the competition and it definitely shows in the CommuterPak.

The outside of the bag features a sleek black design made of a very smooth nylon honeycomb ripstop, a magnetic buckle to close it up and just overall has that aesthetic, stealthy vibe to it. From using this bag over the past few days in my daily routine, I can easily say that you’re going to have to do something drastic to do some damage to it. This little guy is tough. 


On the inside of the pack, there’s a bunch of compartments to store essentials including a padded microfiber sleeve. Here you can safely store your Switch, iPad or tablet. I have a 10.5 inch iPad Pro and it fits like a glove in here - anything bigger like the 12.9 inch iPad Pro will definitely be too big. But there’s also some other pockets in there as well where you can fit other daily essentials. 

My top favorite feature hands down about this bag is the automatic magnetic lock on the front. It’s incredibly easy to just pull it off, open the bag and snap it back together. It’s certainly no slouch either because you can really feel how strong this thing is when it clicks together…goodness.

Although the CommuterPak isn’t exactly branded specifically as a Switch bag…it is heavily featured in it’s promos. The bag is absolutely perfect for storing the system and bunch of its accessories like the controller grip, extra Joy-Con and accessories like that. As mentioned before, this pack is very minimalistic and simple, which is something I am really drawn to in products. The design of this thing is really good, it’s really well made and not to mention you get a lifetime warranty with it…you can’t go wrong with that!


The CommuterPak is going to retail for $90 when it releases but right now, you’re able to get it for just about $60 by backing it on Kickstarter with free shipping! Compared to other bags in this category, this one is super affordable! The bag already reached it’s funding goal three times over in less than a week…and it’s only going to go up from here. How crazy is that!! If you back the project through the link in my description, not only will you guarantee yourself a bag when it starts shipping but you’ll also be supporting my channel in the process. It's a total win!

Overall, not a lot of people have money for just a Switch bag or just a tablet bag. The CommuterPak simplifies having to buy separate things for each gadget. If you’re looking for a great multi-purpose bag that will let you carry your Switch and a bunch of other things inside of it - you’ve found the perfect one. It's small, lightweight and comfortable to wear, plus you get a lifetime warranty in the event anything goes wrong. You definitely cannot go wrong with that.


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