Kirby Star Allies Review: 5 Things I LOVE & Dislike (Nintendo Switch)

Kirby Star Allies is a super fun and adorable game that any fan of Kirby will easily enjoy! If you have friends to play with, this game really shines!

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Hey guys! It’s Ray back here and welcome to another blog post! Thanks to Nintendo, today I am super hyped to finally share with you guys my review for Kirby Star Allies! Get hyped! I LOVE KIRBY!!!

So actually going to be doing this review a little differently then the others - I’m going to be trying something new today with 5 things I LOVE (and dislike) about Kirby Star Allies! Each love and hate point is worth 20 points with a total score of 100 possible. So without further ado, let’s get right into this!

Coach Co-Op Multiplayer (+20 Love Points)

Alright so we’re starting things off with BIG love points going to Star Allies bringing back coach co-op multiplayer! This is an area where Nintendo always does best, bringing that local multiplayer for players to play together and it really shines here in Star Allies! This game is easily playable with a Joy-Con and if you have four of them - you can play with four players at once. It’s incredibly chaotic, it’s incredibly fun and wacky - it’s typical Nintendo at it’s best and if you enjoy playing with friends, you’re going to love this!

The Friend System (+20 Love Points)

In the next category, we have another set of love points going out to the friend system! When I first saw Star Allies, I am not going to lie, I was a little hesitant as to why Nintendo would add so much chaos at once into a Kirby game…it almost reminds of the Subspace World’s in Super Smash Bros Brawl for some reason, but after playing through the game, it really starts to make sense. Your friends aren’t just there to knock out enemies, they are there to help you through the levels as well. You can mix and match power ups, swap out friends for new friends and even form Friend Bridges and Friend Circles! I’m just waiting on getting caught in the friend zone! These guys are ride or die for you because they literally follow you EVERYWHERE! Even if you fall off the edge, they’ll follow you down…it’s great! Can we also appreciate King Dedede’s reactions to things!? They are HILARIOUS!

Those Classic Vibes (+20 Love Points)

You guys know by now that I absolutely love Kirby games, right? There’s just something unique about that has always had me hooked - especially Kirby 64 and the Crystal Shards. I could go on and on about that one. But the reason why I say “Classic Vibes” about Star Allies is that it genuinely gives off classic vibes from previous games. I mean some levels have music from Kirby on the NES, remixed themes from Kirby 64 and so on. Not to mention, there's a whole lot of familiar faces in the enemies - many of whom you can now call your friend. Star Allies takes an "if it isn't broke, don't fix it" take with lots of classic Kirby references - I love it!

The Beautiful Graphics (+20 Love Points)

In the second to last category, I’m sending out yet another set of love points to the graphics in this game! Seriously guys, the visuals in Star Allies are absolutely beautiful! Whether you’re playing in handheld or on the big screen, Kirby looks absolutely stunning either way. I’m always shocked by the output of the image from the Switch - this little handheld continues to impress. I mean just look at these cut scenes though! Absolutely amazing.

Needs More Content/Mini Games (+0 Love Points)

And finally, fifth and final category…sadly has to be a dislike..we're breaking the streak here! While Star Allies is an incredibly fun game with friends, it is a little lonesome when you’re playing by yourself. Granted it is still fun and does work well with the CPU - it just doesn’t quite feel the same. You know the saying how “everything is better with friends”, well that’s the case outside of the game. I also wish that there was more content in the game like mini games or something extra. After my addiction with Battle Royale on the 3DS, I really think we could have seen some few things along those lines added here. It would have been perfect!

Overall, Kirby Star Allies is a super fun and adorable game that any fan of Kirby will easily enjoy! If you have friends you play with, this game really shines. Tallying up the score, I easily give it an 80 out of 100 or 8 out of 10. Kirby’s debut on Switch looks as great as it plays.

Luckily, If you’re not sure you want to buy the game, there is a demo available on the Nintendo eShop for you to check out.

Kirby Star Allies

80 out of 100

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