Raymond Strazdas Launches New Brand


I am beyond excited to officially launch my new branding! After months of planning a grand redesign for my social media channels, the launch day is finally here!

Check out my new assets and new look in action! 

Profile Pictures.


 The star of the show.

Profile pictures are usually the first impression you leave on someone. With a deep love for video games (especially Nintendo) and all things tech, I decided to reflect that passion on all of my profiles with this new photo. Not to mention, it’s red...and I love the color red!

Header Imaging.


Having a unique look doesn’t just stop at your profile picture. Cover photos are just as important. My new cover photo introduces a fun color scheme that just “pops”!



Video thumbnails will also be getting a fresh new look. These thumbnails now incorporate a unique vibe that will automatically make new and current viewers understand what makes Raymond standout, at a glance.

New Branding in Action.


 And voilå! The new branding is live! Let me know what you think of it!


Nintendo Labo First Look at NYC Preview Event

Thanks to Nintendo, I had an AMAZING opportunity to be one of the first people in the world to go hands on with and experience Nintendo Labo! Labo are DIY cardboard projects that are used with Nintendo Switch consoles to turn them into all sorts of creative things. From a piano to a fishing rod to even a destructive robot, the possibilities with Labo seem endless.

Be sure to check out all of my Labo coverage now LIVE on YouTube! I'm sure it will answer all of the burning questions you have about playing with cardboard! 


Ray Meets Moto in New Z2 Force Edition Commercial

Ray Hosts official Hello Moto World Event Commercial

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns and sometimes it takes you to places you would never expect to be. That is exactly what happened to me this past week. Motorola unexpectedly invited me to their press event in New York City to film an official commercial for their brand new Moto Z2 Force Edition flagship smartphone! This ad was all about highlighting key features of the new phone and Moto Mods at the Hello Moto World press event.  The shatterproof screen of the Z2 Force, new Gamepad and 360 Camera mod were all prominently showcased in uniquely designed event spaces which we walked through during the spot.  You can check out the video we created above or you may just end up catch it running on your favorite social media channel!

If you want to see more of what I've been up to, make sure to check out my brand new portfolio website and as always, look out for more epic videos to hit the YouTube channel every week! You can also follow along on Twitter and Instagram to see all of these incredible moments as they happen in real time! Fun things are happening my friends and we are just getting started!