Video and Photography.

Whether it's capturing a moment through his DSLR or a quick snapshot on his iPhone, Raymond has an unprecedented eye for creating visual content.  From the first shot to the end of the production process, an image is truly worth a thousand words.  If you can see it, you can make it.  Find some of Raymond's featured work below.

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   Graphic and Web Design.

      Since joining YouTube in 2009, producing videos has only become a fraction of Raymond's work that make up his extensive portfolio.  Although video content is incredibly important, having a marketable product is crucial.  That is where Raymond's creative knowledge and unique visual eye come into play.  From video thumbnails to websites, graphic design has become an essential part of showcasing both his and a variety of top brands he has serviced.  

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Network and Sponsors.

Whether it's the latest product review or an original short film, Raymond's work has been viewed by audiences around the world.  Some noticed his talent and potential early on and did not hesitate to reach out.  The new digital landscape is a place to connect with and explore opportunity like never before.  These are the ones who make it all possible!

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