The World Through My Lens.

Whether it's capturing a moment through his DSLR or a quick snapshot on his iPhone, Raymond has an unprecedented eye for creating visual content. From the first shot to the end of the production process, an image is truly worth a thousand words. If you can imagine it, you can create it.  View some of Raymond's featured work here.

We live in a visual age where photos speak louder then words. As a connected generation who views content at a glance, photography has become a new media that we have accepted over reading simple sentences. Every photograph taken today is a form of visual text and creators like myself get new ideas with every shot they take. It becomes more then a just becomes a passion.  

Whether a photo is used to share with friends or with the world on social media, every  shot tells a story that is interpreted differently. That is why we visually craft and translate our message into each and every photograph we take. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram and beyond, there is sure to be an intense conversation that was started only by a simple images.

Explore more photography on my personal Instagram page @RayStrazdas and on my new gaming photography page @NintendoVibes! Follow along and be apart of the adventure.