Digital Production and Talent Services.

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Production & Promotion.

Looking to get the word out about your product? Have a video idea you want to bring to life? Look no further than Raymond!

With over 8 years of independent and professional video production experience, Raymond knows what it takes to serve clients and give them exactly what they want. From working with countless startups to creating an official LG commercial in his backyard, his work has seen by audiences all over the world. Raymond is an innovative producer of original content from pre-production to the final stages of post-production. He offers a unique style that cannot be found anywhere else.

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Raymond's talent doesn't just stop at production, he can truly deliver your message like no one else can. With a variety of vocal pitches and a dynamic, on-camera personality, he certainly knows what it takes to keep an audience wanting more. What makes this even better? He is now available for collaboration, voiceover work and virtually any type of project you can think of.

Contact Raymond.

If you are interested in working with Raymond, please feel free to reach out to him via his contact page with a general overview of your project. Looking forward to hearing from you!